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When I was old enough to hold a needle in my hand, my mother taught me how to sew. I embroidered, made Barbie doll clothes, and eventually my own clothes. My grandmother, a fiber artist and painter, also helped navigate my creative journey, teaching me calligraphy, how to spin wool, and weave. When I was nine, I decided I wanted to play the saxophone, taking me down an all together different path. Around the same time, my family moved from suburban Maryland to Wyoming (that's another story). After earning degrees in Music Performance and Education in Colorado, I married Andy, moved to California and taught Jr. High school band and orchestra for eight years, followed by a five year teaching position at San Diego State University. Some where in there I became a member of the Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra, quit my day job, and traveled the world playing the saxophone.

Then came Emmet, my one and only boy child. Becoming a mother was the most dramatic creative and emotional challenge I had ever faced. After finding the support of other new moms in San Pedro (the beautiful harbor town where we live), I began making quilts, and dresses and other uniquely wonderful gifts for all of my new baby friends. Inspired to work at home, while still nurturing my need to create, Kelley Hart Creations was born.

Since the year 2000, I have enjoyed designing charming clothing and accessories for babies and children, repurposing vintage textiles.


sewing, gardening, cooking, baseball, Emmet, Andy, eating, sleeping.